Horse’s hooves care in winter

Horse hooves in winter

Grooming before a ride

Before putting on a saddle and halter, before you take your horse to the place of riding, you should diligently groom him. Pieces of hay, sand, rocks, feces stuck in the horse’s hooves or hairs might cause him pain while trotting with a rider. This is why it is so important to take care of the horse’s cleanliness and comfort. The caretakers usually remember to comb the hair and braid the mane and tail. These tasks are not difficult and they are usually pleasant for both the horse and the human. However, picking the horse’s hooves that have been in various substances, including feces, is less pleasant, just like raising each of the heavy four horse’s legs. Which is why sometimes it is omitted. This is a mistake since the hygiene of the hooves is extremely important as a prophylactic behavior.

Hoof pick… and what else?

Winter Hoof made by Italian manufacturer – Veredus

We use something called a hoof pick to clean the horse’s hooves. On one side it has a metal spike to pick pointy objects and dried mud that might be stuck under the hoof, on the other side there is a stiff brush to clean the dirt with hard-to-reach places. Horse’s hooves are the equivalent of human nails, which is why you can imagine why it is so important to take care of them. They are especially vulnerable to changes of the seasons, especially the air humidity and temperatures. You must avoid prolonged interchangeable wetting and drying of the hooves in the summer. In the winter, especially the really cold ones, you should prevent the hooves from cracking. To help you care for the horse’s hooves, there are special care products on the market, especially useful when the temperature goes below 0 Celsius degrees. One of the most efficient products available on the market is Winter Hoof from Veredus.

Miraculous composition

The Winter Hoof lubricant belongs to a vast range of hooves’ greases produced by Veredus – Italian producer of equestrian accessories and horse’s equipment, famous for the highest quality products and highest standards of production. Veredus crown offer are boots, but equestrian freaks will also find there perfect care products for horses and leather products. Using their many years’ experience, Veredus designed a hooves’ lubricant composition that is adjusted to be used in low temperatures. It contains thyme oil, vitamin E, and lanoline. Vitamin E boosts the regeneration of hooves and nourishes the tissue just like it does for human nails. Thyme oil created a protective layer on the hooves’ tissue. Lanoline provides elasticity and flexibility of the hooves.

How to use

The exceptionally effective Winter Hoof lubricant is very easy to use. It has a specific consistency, which allows you to apply it to the horse’s hooves easily even in low temperatures. Before you apply the lubricant, you must clean the hooves. After you make sure there is no dirt on the hooves and that there are no injuries to them and they do not look infected, you should put a generous amount of the lubricant to the wall, sole and frog. The lubricant should be used every day which is why it is good to have a solid supply before the winter comes.

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