Why is it worth to lunge your horse and how to prepare for it?

Horse lunging

Lunging is an element of horse training that has many advantages. In order for it to be efficient, it has to be done properly. It requires specific knowledge and proper equipment, which will aid the training and increase its effectiveness.

Useful tools would be:

  • cavesson,
  • lunge,
  • lunging girth,
  • proper clothing for the leader – comfortable and safe.

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What is lunging?

Lunging is an exercise during which the horse moves around the lunging person leading the horse on a lunging girth. It should be done in a proper place with at least 12-15 meters in diameter. The surface of the paddock has to allow the horse for even and stable movement, which facilitates reaction to the lunging person’s signals. In the case of unfavourable atmospheric conditions or surroundings rich with stimuli, it is recommended to perform lunging indoors instead, which will help the horse calm down and focus and that in turn will mean efficient training. While lunging, the horse relaxes and efficiently prepares for further training, building muscles, obedience, and rhythm of movement. If lunging is thought-through and adjusted to the horse’s built and abilities, as well as properly conducted, it is an exceptionally valuable experience for both the horse and the lunging person.

Why is it worth to lunge a horse?

Lunging a horse has many advantages, which is why it consists of one of the most popular types of training in stables. It is exceptionally helpful in the process of teaching a young horse, establishing a hierarchy between the horse and the rider. It allows to get the horse to comply and at the same time to build trust for the leader. It is an interesting variety of regular training sessions where the rider is in the saddle. It can be an element of rehabilitation after injuries, facilitating safe come back to full health. It is also used while introducing new elements – like jumps – without risking the rider’s health. Due to lunging, the horse builds proper muscles, works on balance, and rhythm of various gaits, and gets ready for more intense effort.

What would you need for lunging?

Accessories necessary for lunging depend on a couple of factors. You should take into consideration the built and advancement of the horse, the aim of the training, but also your own experience and abilities. While exercising, the horse should wear boots or bandages that would protect his legs from injuries. You should put a cavesson on his head – a special halter that would allow you to attach a lunging girth and lead the horse. A cavesson could be replaced with a special noseband. A necessary element during training is a lunging girth. It is much more comfortable than a traditional saddle because of the many rings to which you could attach the detachers. You would also need a lunging line that you attach to the cavesson or noseband to control the horse. In order to proceed with the training, the lunging person should have comfortable and safe shoes, helmet, and gloves. Properly prepared, the leader can successfully conduct lunging.

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